Volume 1 (2010), №1 (1)


Reviews and lectures

R.B. Zaripov A review of modern methods for spacial detailing of meterological fields

Glagolev M.V. Inverse modelling method for the determination of the gas flux from the soil

Experimental works

A.S. Ahmetshina, G.G. Zhuravlyov, V.A. Romanjuk. Fogs in territory of the Tomsk region

Litvinova O.S., Gulyaeva N.V.  The analysis of the time numbers of deposits Ob-Irtysh interfluves in XX - beginning XXI centuries

Goroshko N.V. Methods of assessment of spatio-temporal fluctuations (based on the example of the upper Ob basin)

Kleptsova I.E., Glagolev M.V., Filippov I.V., Maksyutov S.S.  Methane emission from middle taiga ridges and ryams of Western Siberia

N.G. Koronatova. An investigation of the peat decomposition in mires using method of incubation of dry and wet samples

Kosykh N.P., Mironycheva-Tokareva N.P., Parshina E.K. Budget chemical elements in bog ecosystems middle taiga Western Siberia

V.I. Kravtsova, T.V. Tarasenko. Investigation of changes in thermokarst lake distribution in West Siberia by multitemporal satellite images 

A. S. Kuznetsov. Energy of taluses creep slopes in the mountain glacial of the basin the Aktru river headwaters and theirs connection with modern climate change

Lapshina E. D., Koneva V.A.  Species diversity of ground lichens in the raised bog vegetation of the Irtysh left-bank terraces

Editorial note

Glagolev M.V., Lapshina E.D., Kleptsova I.E.  Some information about the journal "Environmental Dynamics and global Climate Change"