Bulletin of the YugraSU 2016

Kinetics of mechanochemical processing of secondary plant raw in humic acid

Author(s): Irina P. Savchuk

On connection between morphemic and word-formation analyses

Author(s): Marina G. Baksheeva

Euphemism as a means of expression of language

Author(s): Valeria O. Prozorova / Nataliia G. Dolzhenko

Feminine beauty in the philosophical and esthetical aspects in the literary texts (on the bases of Alexandr Kerdan works)

Author(s): Evgeniy P. Kargapolov / Lidia A. Kargapolova

The letter as a component of correspondence in M. Kudryashov’s short story Storm of Letters

Author(s): Lyudmila A. Andreyeva

The analysis of the structural models of the comparisons in the novel text «Martin Eden» by Jack London

Author(s): Maria M. Parshukova

The repetition construction as the component of the semantic-structural composition of the sentence (on the material of modern english and tatar language)

Author(s): Rischat Zh. Saurbayev

The problem of low validity for students of non-linguistic professions in acquirement of foreign language knowledge

Author(s): Svetlana E. Ilina

The problem of colloquial and low colloquial words differentiating in the Russian language

Author(s): Liana F. Valieva

The Poet Vladimir Volkovets’Publication

Author(s): Mihail M. Ryabiy / Irina G. Ryabiy

Polyethnicity modern Russia

Author(s): Alexander M. Gaft

On Well-Servicing Units Maintenance Terms Translation (from English into Russian)

Author(s): Natalia S. Gilmanova

Concerning semantic models russian preproposition offers

Author(s): Nataliia G. Dolzhenko

On distinction between emotionality, evaluativity and expressivity

Author(s): Elena L. Telitsyna

Somatic lexicon in Tobolsk «Travnik XVIII century»

Author(s): Margarita S. Vykhristyuk

An appeal to russian society and language in diachronic and synchronic aspects

Author(s): Оlga A. Vekshina Nataliia G. Dolzhenko

On the question of historical sources epic novel L. N. Tolstoy's "War and Peace"

Author(s): Tatiana S. Ivaschenko

Intonation structure of interrogative sentences

Author(s): Julia M. Malikova

Factors of Increasing the German Language Learning Motivation in University Students

Author(s): Svetlana V. Vladimirova

Psychological health of the person as a condition of successful socialization

Author(s): Nina G. Aivarova

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