Total dictation at Yugra State University

Total dictation is going global: 12 April at Yugra State University and worldwide

The international campaign for the literacy in the Russian language was first organized at Novosibirsk State University in the beginning of the 2000s, with a few enthusiastic students. Nowadays Total dictation is going really global, inviting more and more countries with Russian-speaking residents.

Small places as well as big cities and capitals are going to host Total dictation. Like in the previous years, the text will be divided into 3 parts for different groups of time zones, starting from the Far East and finishing with America. We do hope that MIT with its Russian club, Russian Language centre in Singapore and Russian Mind in London will join the event again with many more places around the world.

Don’t argue over commas and soft signs in blogs, try yourself at Total dictation and prove your literacy. Russian is difficult, but it has rules, like any other language.

You may read about the global event in Russian at the official site of Total dictation and about Yugra State University conducting it at its premises on 12 April 2014.