On April, 2, a lecture on climate change was delivered in our university by the representative of a research group from the University of Helsinki

On 2 April our university welcomed a research group from the University of Helsinki: Sigrid Dengel, Ivan Mammarella and Pavel Alexeychik. On the same day Pavel, a 5-year student of the University of Helsinki, delivered a lecture on climate change in Russian. It attracted great attention of our Institute of environmental management. Pavel pointed out the cyclic character of changes throughout the whole period that we can trace studying the ices and the ground. He also paid special attention to the connection of human activity and the climate changes, as well as the importance of research in this sphere. You may see Pavel's presentation here.

Later that day the senior lecturer of the university, Ivan Mammarella, spoke about eddy covariance technique of observation and the possibility of setting another point at Mukhrino station.
The group will spend over 10 days in the region.

Olga Stechkina, the editor