Another student of Yugra state university reseives a grant to study abroad

Recently we've published the news about our student getting the President's grant to study abroad. 

Now Lilya Idrisova has received a grant and is going to study in Czech Republic, Masaryk University, Brno. Lilya is now graduating from our Institute of management and economics with the Bachelor's  degree, and she has slready received an invitation from the Czech university. She says: "I took my entrance test in Yugra state university, it was an essay on an economics topic in the Czech language. Some time later I received a confirmation of my entering the Master's programme in Masaryk university in Brno. I will take the 2-year course at the faculty of economics and management, and will get  a maintainance allowance".

On this occasion we remind you that Yugra state university offers language courses  in our Centre of the Czech language, and that our university has long been a partner of South Moravian centre for international mobility.