June becomes a month of Hungary in the university
Another group of visitors from Hungary adds to establishing international connections

As we wrote earlier this month, Yugra state university hosted a delegation from Hungary whose cultural and educational programme was much appreciated in the university and the city. The director of Hungarian cultural, scientific and information centre in Moscow, the Councellor of the embassy of Hungary in Russia, Andras Baranyi came to Khanty-Mansiysk with the Kovacs sisters, famous folk singers and musicians. The visit was rich with events: new agreements between the university and the centre were signed, our Study room of Hungarian received study materials, and the students had a chance to listen to Hungarian folk songs (and sing some local ones in return) and watch a film in Hungarian.

Now, in the end of the month, a group of representatives of Hungarian universities is ready to answer our students' questions and tell the audience why te local dialect of the Khanty language is studied in Hungary.

"Thus we may call this June a month of Hungary in our university", says our Head of the International cooperation department. She adds that the students and post-graduate students of the University of Szeged and Eötvös Loránd University have been to our university before to conduct scientific research and exchange experience. Our university has agreements of cooperation with these two universities.

The meeting with the representatives is due at 13.00 on30 June in our Study room of Hungarian, campus building 4. room 307. 

Upd from 1 June

When the meeting with the students was over, the Hungarian visitors went to Sosva to conduct field research.

"Khanty-Mansiysk has changed since 1994, when I last was here. But I hope we'll be able to find native speakers in the backs," - says Katalin Sipec, member of the Chair of Finno-Ugric studies of the University of Szeged. Katalin has been studying the Mansi language for 25 years, and she teaches it at the university. According to her, about 5 Hungarian students take the course yearly. One of her former students was Bernadette Biro, who is now a PhD and her colleague at the Chair. There's a chance that it's Bernadette who will come to our university to teach Hungarian to our students.

The other pair of visitors, from E ötvös Loránd University, Budapest, have never been to Yugra before. Anastasia Saipasheva was born in Bashkiria and went to Hungary to study after school with the help of Association of Finno-Ugric peoples. She and Sylvia Naemet, the researcher of Eötvös Loránd University, study the philological peciliarities of the Mansi language and they take advantage of communicating to native language speakers.

Our Hungarian guests are going to conduct research and collect language material among the native speakers of Sosva, Berezovo, Saranpaul and Kogalym. They will also take part in oblas (low boats) race for the Cup of the Governor of Yugra in Nefteyugansk region from 4 to 6 July.