16_09_2014.JPGOn 16 September the Council of Hungary in Yekaterinburg Sándor Molnár visited our university to meet with the students and staff

Yesterday the Council of Hungary in Yekaterinburg visited Yugra state university in frames of his visit to Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (area) - Yugra. In our university he was first welcomed by the vice-rector Arkadiy Krasilnikov and a group of lecturers.

Arkadiy Krasilnikov introduced his colleagues: head of the Department of science Anna Brovina, head of the Institue of the Humanities with some of the lecturers, and head of the Institute of the Northern Peoples. Anna Brovina presented a brief overview of the university, including its history, international cooperation, the university’s structure, sports life and volunteering, with additions from the vice-rector about our regional branches.

Dina Gerasimova, head of the Institute of the Northern Peoples, spoke about the relationship of Hungarians and the people of Yugra, expressed in the etymology of the word (yugra or ugra) and the linguistic kinship. She also expressed her hope for a closer connection with our Hungarian “family” by organising student exchanges and cultural events.

Mr Molnár supported the discussion of the connections of our peoples, and added his impressons of the city and the region sicnce his visit in 2008, and the changes of the country in general considering international relations that he has witnessed since the beginning of the 90s.

Finally, the Council and the vice-rector exchanged souvenirs with national ornaments, and the participants of the meeting gathered for a collective photo. After that the Council proceeded to the Hungarian room to meet with the students who study Hungarian language and culture.

Olga Stechkina, the editor