The Association of International Education Administrators Annual Conference (AIEA) was held in Washington DC, the USA on February 16-18. Founded in the USA in 1982 the association finds its main purposes in distributing information on significant matters of higher education at all levels, developing the education programs administration in academic institutions, establishing and maintaining professional communication between directorate of international education institutions.

Yulia Papanova, the head of the international office, represents Yugra State University at the AIEA-2015 Conference. Together with 7 other representatives of Russian higher educational institutions she takes part in the Fulbright’s Russia International Education Administrators Program (RIEA). The program’s participants spent a month at Indiana University Bloomington where they got familiar with international office management practices in American universities. The next point of the visit was to participate in the AIEA-2015 Conference this year devoted to Leading global learning: Envisioning new paradigms.

Over a thousand of educational institutions’ employees from almost 40 countries were involved in the conference. They met to discuss current trends of international education as well as opportunities for more active involvement of students and teaching staff in the international affairs and other processes. Every day around 30 sessions, round-table discussions and workshops were organized so as to let experienced international education administrators share their experience with the colleagues. 

According to Yulia Papanova, participating in large-scale international activities like this gives a powerful impulse for upcoming development and allows to have a fresh look at one’s own performance. Universities from all over the world are facing the same issues and challenges and experience of major universities is an invaluable source of ideas for future projects. The next stop of the US stay is a visit to University of Alaska Fairbanks with an interest to establish partnership with them and a forthcoming month-long training in an international office of one of the American academic institutions.

Photo: Yulia Papanova and Patricia Kubow, the Director of Center for International Education, Development and Research (CIEDR).DSCN1863.JPG