Resource language center «Clever» of Yugra State University started the «iSpeak» language contest on February 16th.

The winner of the contest will get an opportunity to take free English language courses abroad in summer 2015, - said employees of the center. – The goal of the «iSpeak» is to improve English language skills in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate full-time students.

The project is being implemented from February 15th till June 15th 2015 and includes 3 rounds.

The first: participants’ registration on the web-site www.lingua.ugrasu.ru and proficiency level assessment.

The second: holding educational, practical and play modules, choosing 10 best competitors of the 2nd round. To stay qualified for this round a participant must deposit a 10,000 roubles arrangement fee.

The third: intense studying of English, play modules, final test and defense of final projects, election and awarding winners.

The election of the winners is through their personal advancement in English which is assessed in percentage correlation between entry and final tests results.