Yugra State University ranks №18 in the Demand Rate category according to the National University Rating published in December.

The National University Rating of the Russian Federation showing the demand by the Russian economic sector was presented within the International News Agency «Russia Today»’s «Social Navigator» project on December 15th.

The assessment includes 446 higher educational institutions across 82 regions of the country. The study was performed based on such criteria as employers' demand rate for graduates, intellectual product commercialization, demand for research product (methods).

The rating involves higher educational institutions of state, government agencies, community, private sectors which provide principal and supplemental academic programs. There are 132 engineering educational institutions, 89 foundational universities, 57 institutions on agricultural studies, 53 universities majoring in management, 68 and 47 institutions for humanitarian and medical studies respectively. The ranking does not include branches of universities, higher religious educational establishments, cultural and military universities.

According to figures, 74,2% graduates of YuSU are offered job placements, share of profit made from intellectual product commercialization equals 30,4%, citation index for research fellows’ works is 9%.

English version by Azat Garipov