Student Engineering Department “Formula Student UGRA” has been delivered wheels for their race car.

Yugra State University is successfully implementing a “Formula Student” project also known abroad as “Formula SAE”. The engineers’ crew has been building its first race car ever and the construction is at the final stage. The team has got their slicks – special tires featuring completely smooth surface which has neither grooves nor any other elements reducing contact area on the track. Now the crew is actively searching for a power unit and engine supplier.

The project aims to team up student engineers of YUSU and let them design a race car, assemble it themselves and participate in various events. The prototype of this project is "Formula-1", which initiated to run such events under its auspies. Even the competition rules are similar to that "Formula-1" has, with a number of races at different levels. For example, Russia has begun to host a newly introduced race in Moscow.

– Yugra State University joined the project two years ago. We founded the Student Engineering Department "Formula Student UGRA", which is a subdivision of the university, in particular, the Chair of Construction Engineering and Transport Systems, – says Alexander Kozhedyorov, faculty member and team's engineer. – For now we are at the development stage, we are assembling our first vehicle ever. To date, it is completely designed. The process of purchasing parts and assembling is now on. The hardcore of the "Formula SAE" project consists of ten team-mates working on the race car for two years.

– We always warmly welcome newcomers who are ready to join our crew. At the moment we are looking for a journalist to cover our progress. His or her job will be crucial because we have much to tell about, including our social networks communities, which we plan to actively promote. I think this is a challenging job for students who study journalism, since it is a great opportunity to apply their knowledge in real business, – claims Alexander.

English version by Azat Garipov