YUSU students won the International Fiction and Technical Translation Student Contest “Living Word”.

Love for languages knows no bounds. This is the idea two students of YUSU – Milana Debisheva and Aysel Sulkhaeva – came up with as they decided to participate in the contest hosted at Donbass State University of Technology. Some 100 participants were to compete in three nominations – Original fiction translation (prose and poetry), Original didactic translation (cooking recipe, medical drug prescription, operation manual, etc), Original specialized translation (popular science, contract agreement, advertisement). There were original English, French and German extracts to be translated into Russian.

Aysel Sulkhaeva, 2nd year student of Institute of Humanities, was awarded with the “Original specialized translation” prize (French into Russian) after taking the second place in the contest.

Milana Debisheva, 4th year student of Institute of Humanities, became a prizewinner in “Original fiction translation” nomination (Prose; French into Russian) and won the third place.

– I was given a few text fragments by Maurice Druon and Andre Maurois, – said Milana. – I consider this to be a good check-up to have passed, since French is a supplementary language I study to add to two compulsory ones. However, it was not just a translation but the fiction translation, so the organizers expected us to present the target text in the best possible way rather than to twist the author’s words.

English version by Azat Garipov