How YUSU students get employed in the region’s power industry leader “UTEK-RS” told the head of Power Engineering Department.

The permanent cooperation agreement between Yugra State University and “UTEK-RS” company has come into effect. The agreement stipulates those students proved themselves in the best way are eligible for summer job placement at the company. Energy providers in Yugra annually employ YUSU graduates, and are completely satisfied with progress and performance of young professionals.

– We are interested in youth talents to become our staff members, – said Fedor Feofilaktov, head of Department of Engineering Infrastructure at UTEK-RS. – Recent graduates are actively involved in various divisions of the company: central dispatching department, utility connection department, diagnostic and control service, production department etc.

In summer to come, eight of the most successful YUSU students will become interns at the shop floors of UTEK-RS. During this time, the mentor attached to each student not only shares experience, teaches, tutors him or her, but also watches how a student can be of use for the company. Trainees in their turn gain invaluable experience working at the enterprise, being plunged into the profession, they have opportunities to prove themselves and get an interesting job that pays off well. As the summer internship is over, the best are offered a job contract in the company.

UTEK-RS runs its business in 14 municipalities of Yugra, therefore students outside Khanty-Mansiysk may be offered employment in any of the company’s branches located in Oktyabrsky, Beloyarsky, Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk districts, as well as in Pyt-Yakh, Megion, Langepas, Uray, Pokachy, Nefteyugansk, Nyagan.

English version by Azat Garipov