April 12th, rector of Yugra State University Tatiana Karminskaya and CEO of High Technology Park Vitaliy Ryzhakov signed a bilateral cooperation agreement during the Ugra Industrial Forum being hosted in Khanty-Mansiysk this week.

The parties have agreed to cooperate in top-priority fields and have committed:
• to organize and host joint research and technology development events with the purpose to implement innovation projects;
• to establish and develop small innovative businesses;
• to organize and conduct expert assessment for research and innovation projects;
• to organize and hold advanced training and refresher courses in innovative activity and intellectual property rights protection;
• to organize and host conferences, workshops, presentations;
• to promote innovative activity;
• to search and develop new ways of cooperation.

– This agreement is mutually essential for both parties, – said Tatiana Karminskaya, rector of Yugra State University. – We plan to carry out joint researches and develop innovation projects. Academics and staff of the two institutions will perform expert assessments for innovation projects and sit on the Expert Advisory Board at the High Technology Park. The faculty staff of YUSU will also contribute to the Youth Innovation Research Contest «U.M.N.I.K» annually held under guidance of the Russian «Fund of Assistance for Small Innovative Enterprises».

English version by Azat Garipov