YUSU has held activities within the all-Russian campaign «Stop HIV / AIDS». The mission of the event was to draw public attention to the spread of HIV infection in the Russian Federation. The YUSU office for awareness-building together with the «Center for AIDS Control» held a series of featured activities.


On May 16, the conference hall saw the round table discussions between students, academic staff and dormitory managers. Amid the discourse the AIDS Center staff defined basic concepts about HIV – infection, transmission routes and protection. As the talks proceeded, special emphasis was given to the problem of social stigmatization and discrimination of HIV positive population.


The May 18 went out with staff and students of 18 and older to be put through the voluntary HIV blood express test. The test was free of charge, with completely anonymous results to come out  within 15 minutes.


Showcases placed on campus and in student dormitories have posters that read «HIV: How to prevent it».

English version by Azat Garipov.

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