All-Russian Science Festival NAUKA 0+

October 27

11 am to 5 pm

academic building 2, floor 3

Yugra State University will host the regional platform

of the All-Russian Science Festival NAUKA

The Science Festival is the event making it possible for students to participate in educational shows, experiments, workshops, lectures, guided tours, games e.g. event simulations, microscope examinations, pop-science films, Q&A sessions, quizes etc.

Every visitor will find a section to his or her own liking.



  • Speech Coaching
  • Identify Yourself
  • A Day of Ob Ugrs' Life

Educational shows

  • Chemistry Around Us
  • Smart Energy
  • Archaeological Excavation "Enigmatic Artefacts"

Guided tours
  • Student Engineering Department Formula Student-UGRA
  • Chemistry Department Laboratory
  • Oil and Gas Engineering Department Laboratory
  • Nanoscaled Materials Laboratory
  • Geology Department Laboratory

Popular Science Lectures
  • Robotics
  • Scientific Worldview

  • Time and Money
  • Literary Crossword Puzzles

  • Career Guidance game Profi+
  • Flipping Through Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
  • Pharaohs' Riddles
  • Make Money
  • Check Your Money

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English version by Azat Garipov