Aleksey Chernavskiy will participate in Business Program Solutions competition by World Skills Russia University Qualifiers to be held in YUSU in late September, 2017.

Aleksey is a 4-year student of the Institute of Technical Systems and IT at Yugra State University, majoring in Software Engineering. 

He has completed a training course for young entrepreneurs, and now is interested in coming business competitions since he thinks it develops his professional skills. He is also keen on programming, sports and playing music in a band. 

According to the senior student, modern world like this needs accurate time management because we have a great number of opportunities around us. 

– One can easily get trapped by a total engagement constantly doing something or rushing somewhere. You might feel bad for not doing something you think you really should. Once you reached the top of a carreer ladder in which you invested time climbing up, you might realize it was a wrong one. Just set a general goal of yours so as to see what you are going for. To do so, you ought to choose what really enthuses you. – Aleksey said.

English version by Azat Garipov.