In 2018, Yugra State University has been ranked among the top 25 Russian universities to participate in a pilot demonstration examinations project under auspices of the WorldSkills Russia. The demonstration examination run by the WorldSkills is a form of the State Final Examination for degree program students. It is an independent training quality assessment that contributes to the addressing of common challenges in the vocational education system and the labor market without having to undertake additional procedures. 

"The demo exam does not release students from defending their graduation thesis or taking state examinations," said Olga Grinash, YUSU Examinations Coordinator, Deputy Vice-rector for Academic Affairs. "It is usual for senior students to sit just a theoretical exam, but this particular certification makes it possible to simulate real working environment for students to demonstrate their professional skills, to make an independent expert performance assessment from among corporate representatives – potential employers – and determine the knowledge and skills level of future graduates to keep them in line with international standards."

In 2018, Yugra State University is holding the demonstration exam in the following three WorldSkills categories: Laboratory chemical analysis, Software business solutions, Physical Education and Sport.

Graduates who passed the demo exam would be granted a Skills Passport together with their university diploma. In addition,  these guys would be present in an early-career professionals database accessed by leading corporate employers after recognizing the results of the demo exam. The corporations and enterprises would be able to select and recruit the best young professionals in demanded competencies, to assess their practical skills, and choose educational organizations to cooperate with in staff training and development domains.

English version by Azat Garipov.