"18 March 2018 is the day Russia to elect the president," Rudolf Fink, event moderator and philosophy teacher at YUSU said in his opener. "Entrust your vote to no one!"

Deputy Chairperson of the Khanty-Mansiysk Territorial Elections Commission Lyudmila Kosterina told the meeting attendees how elections are held at polling stations and threw light on routine innovations. For instance, Yugra State University students learned that even being permanently registered at other Russian cities, they may still vote at any out of 28 polling stations located in Khanty-Mansiyk. To do so, by March 12, they should apply for enrollment on a voter list as per current residence. On the election day, at the preselected polling station, a member of the elections commission will find voter's proper data in the "Mobile voter" register.

Upon completion of the meeting, all the participants were given promotional merchandise, along with "Ugra 900 Anniversary Quiz" forms, which one can hand in at a polling station to participate in a lottery draw. Moreover, the Elections Commission will present memorable giveaways to every first-time voter.

Yet another innovation is a polling stations free access video feed to be available at the following online platforms:







Information on polling stations outside Russia is available at the CEC Central Elections Commission website, see the VOTERS tab.

This and a host of other things highlighted at the event wannabe-voter students said would be helpful for young electorate.

English version by Azat Garipov.

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