Yugra State University has signed a cooperation agreement with the Ethnic Sports Federation of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra.

The signing took place on February 22 during the meeting with university students and debates over establishing a YUSU-based branch or club affiliated to the Ugra Federation of Ethnic Sports. On the Federation's side the Agreement was ratified by CEO Konstantin Soloviev, with Vice-rector for Economic Development Vadim Islamutdinov on the university part.

"Yugra State University is a region's education center. We have scores of nationalities including indigenous minorities of the North studying here. The Federation serves the purpose to preserve and develop the playing sports cultural heritage of Russia's peoples living in our region, to implement cultural and moral education of the youth based on ethnic and cultural traditions. Obviously, we should team up to preserve, develop and popularize ancestral competitions and traditional games being the bedrock of the culture and self-identification of the Northern indigenous peoples," Vadim Islamutdinov said.

The CEO Ugra Ethnic Sport Federation Konstantin Soloviev meeting with students came to an end in the university gym, where the Federation activists taught a national sports master-class. The university students and staff had a short national bow archers contest, national noose throwing, sledge leaping, tug of war. They also tried fur-covered skis and reindeer fur coats on for the photo-op.

"Within the Agreement, we are going to hold joint sport events aimed to develop sports clubs, traditional games groups, Northern indigenous minorities sports competitions. This particular master-class demonstrated the YUSU students interest to national sports," Tatiana Dyatlova, YUSU Director of Northern Peoples Center commented on the event.

First student national sports contests will be held within the "Awesome University" project. This particular project was upheld by the university rector Tatiana Karminskaya in January this year following the traditional Rector's Mail campaign. "Awesome University" is an ethnic-based project designed to study, preserve and revitalize national traditions, culture and languages of indigenous Ob-Ugric Khanty and Mansi peoples.

English version by Azat Garipov.

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