Fourth-year students of the YUSU Department of Journalism have visited the Kondinskoe Oilfield, making part of the Erginskiy Oil Cluster put into operation recently in Ugra. Due to Kondaneft JSC, a Rosneft Oil Company subsidiary, wannabe journalists of Ugra – oil province producing some 43% of Russian crude – were welcome to first visit an oil production area, eyewitness crude oil, a drilling rig, hydraulic fracturing technology, an oil treatment shop, and cross the frozen river in a crew bus.

Visiting the oilfield, the university students were presented the Enginskiy cluster, alongside computer-assisted industrial process management and production technologies applied at the Kondinskoe oilfield, with special emphasis placed on safe working practices.

The future journalists praised high technology and environmental standards, as well as pristine nature preserved at the Erginskiy cluster oilfields. Kondaneft Oil Company has been granted a Ugra Cedar Forests Custodian Certificate, after the company staff succeeded planting Siberian pine stocks over a 50 ha area. 

Having got familiar with advanced oil production in Ugra, the students will be in a position to develop professional approach and insight into oil production basics in their upcoming media coverage routine.

English version by Azat Garipov.

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