Yugra State University is presenting its six in-house research and development projects in total at the 2018 Ugra Industrial Forum Exhibition, having kicked off April 10 in Khanty-Mansiysk.

The University booth features the following R&D projects powered by the institutional students and academics – Living Space Monitoring and Management System "Smart House"; SAE Ugra Fantom Race Car; Public Utilities Monitoring System Prototype; Tree Moss Cuprammonium Construction Material; NextGen Anticorrosion Coating; IR Spectroscopy Vapor-Phase Water-Alcohol Mixtures Analysis Gas Cell.

The most vibrant piece of the 2018 Ugra Industrial Forum Exhibition this year proved to be the Formula SAE Ugra Fantom Race Car developed by the YUSU-based Student Engineering Department "Formula Student – Ugra" (SED FSU).

"Since the University is an educational institution, our major purpose is to nurture talents. So here we are in the student engineering department, providing hands-on training for automotive designers using a full-scale vehicle. Having originated back in the 1970s, the Formula SAE global movement has broken ground in Russia recently," Anton Orlovsky, SED crew member said. "Being a start-up team, we have been constructing this automobile with our own hands for three years so far. We are now seeking to fire it up and as early as this summer go for a racing competition in the neighboring city of Tyumen."

Evgeny Godovnikov, Associate Professor, Department of Data Processing Systems, Modelling and Management introduced his Automated Public Utilities Meter Reading Acquisition and Storage Prototype featuring Information Computing Center Transferability.

The anticorrosion coating presented by Aleksandr Kushchenko, student of the YUSU Institute of Environmental Management and developed by the affiliated Department of Chemistry can be put into practice in automobile, mechanical engineering, petroleum and chemical industries. "My mission was to process a potassic-titanuim bronze oxide coating," the student commented.


Daria Nekhorosheva, another student majoring in Chemistry, told the forum attendees about her original development called the IR Spectrometric Cell. "This device is designed for rapid contents analysis of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, liquid pharmaceuticals, household and auto care chemicals, as well as for analytical body fluids volatile toxic substances monitoring. Put simply, we can identify what kind and how much alcohol is contained in the tested sample," Daria conveyed the core application of her development.

English version by Azat Garipov.

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