Rector Tatiana Karminskaya of Yugra State University has participated in the International Applied Research Conference 'Innovative Information Technologies', Moscow, Russia. The event, co-organized by Moscow Technological University (MIREA) and the Russian Cultural Center in Prague (RCC), was attended by some 200 participants, with the global reach having covered dozens of Russian regions from Western Kaliningrad to Far-Eastern Vladivostok, as well as CIS, European and Asian states.

Dr. Prof. Saighid Uvaisov, Department Chair at Moscow Technological University officially opened the event, pronouncing the international cooperation development within innovation activities based on modern technologies to be the key purpose of the conference. Mr. Uvaisov outlined how quick Russian scientists respond to modern science challenges and needs duly reflected in the reports and presentations by the conference attendees.

The acting head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) Mission in the Czech Republic Aleksei Konchakov welcomed the participants and organizers. He stressed the importance and relevance of the issues being up for discussion at the conference. The official emphasized that the Russian Cultural Center in Prague was ready to render all-round assistance to both young scientists and researchers, as well as to higher education institutions and scientific organizations in establishing international relationships and developing mutually beneficial cooperation.

The work of the conference was split between the following tracks: Fundamental Challenges of Innovation Studies; Information Technologies in Education; Information Technologies in Science and Industry; Information Technologies in Social and Economic Sphere; Economics of Information Systems and Digitization The event was held in the form of plenary and track meetings, featuring a roundtable to address issues of advanced technologies utilization in medicine. 

English version by Azat Garipov.