Dear faculty, staff and students of Yugra State University!

New academic year sets common regular goals: do well in studies, conduct quality research and prepare for professional life. Yet this year is expected to be a special one, as our country faces challenges, claiming transformation and breakthrough solutions. A new 'government – society' communication model is being molded, the making of which takes place amid the global digitalization when universities ought to seek to be dominant in this model.

Human capital formation is the major challenge facing the society at large, with our institution serving as a breeding ground for such capital. Therefore, we at Yugra State University are doing our best to establish a favorable environment for quality education, fundamental professional training and practical skills building, making YUSU graduates competitive on the job market.

May the path you have chosen be a creative and effective one. I wish the students and the faculty success in your cooperative work and achieving most ambitious goals. I am absolutely positive that our university will reach new heights and frontiers.

Wishing all the best,
Tatiana Karminskaya
Yugra State University Rector

English version by Azat Garipov.