On November 3-7, 'Sever' ice hockey team, representing Yugra State University in the Student Ice Hockey League, got on their regular season's road trip to lock horns with East Siberian counterparts. Krasnoyarsk, the host city of the upcoming XXIX Winter Universiade 2019, hosted the first back-to-back games, with Novosibirsk to become the site for the second pair of away fixtures.

Starting November 3, Krasnoyarsk saw 'Sever' facing off against 'SFU', a home team based in Siberian Federal University. The tight fight wrapped up with a score 6:4 to clinch a victory for the visiting side. The second leg was held the next day, November 4, adding yet another win to the streak — 5:3 to 'Sever' after regulation time.

"Our major goal was to beat 'SFU' in both legs. All of us knew we could make it, that is why we did pull together, saw the action and defeated them," said team forward Dmitry Bogorodov.

The players had little time to recover, having to compete as early as November 6, in Novosibirsk with team 'Urozhai' of Novosibirsk State Agricultural University. Yet again, the first match ended in 6:4 to the visitors, making it a perfect 3:0 road trip shutout.

"In Novosibirsk, it felt really good after sealing our first victory to finally mark the very first 3-game winning streak into this season. We have never done anything like that before," Dmitry shared his impressions.

Though they were not doing so well in the return match, as wished it to be, with a final score 2:7 to be left outplayed by the opposing side.

"I think, everybody is just exhausted during this roadie, for we have put a lot of work in it. Well, and drawing our team a penalty in the second period took its toll as well. We were killing the penalty and even scored a shorthanded goal, though the opponents had extra attackers and more stamina," the forward commented.

The trip wrapped up with a total of 13 goals scored by the 'Sever' attacking line: Lazarev (4), Kondrashin (3), Bogorodov (2), Kolesnikov (2), Martynov (1), Potekhin (1).

Now the team is back home and preparing for a series of home games to be held in Khanty-Mansiysk November, 21 through December, 23.

English version by Azat Garipov.

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