Yugra State University has joined the Russian Association of Green Universities, as took part in the environment-featured All-Russia Youth Campaign 'Recycle It' on November 12-18.

"The All-Russia Youth Campaign 'Recycle It' is dedicated to Waste Recycling Day," the local campaigners said. "On November 12-18, students of the YUSU Institute of Environmental Management are going to prepare and present demonstration instruments for tackling recyclables, run waste paper and plastic collection activities in the university academic buildings and on campus, and a book-crossing event to cap it all". Also, the institute will hold a featured waste wood handicrafts workshop.

The institute students, i.e. future environmental engineers, have already been running a university-based waste paper recycling center, rigorously rummaging every lecture room for more stuff. Each and every institutional unit makes their fair waste paper contributions to the campaign. To note, the guys carefully remove metal staples and then store the hand-picked paper in a specially assigned room on campus.

On November 3, during the lunch break, the campus buildings will see public awareness teams with presentations advocating waste management approaches. The Scientific Library will host a book fair titled 'Recycling Issues: Searching for Solutions'.

The final stage of the campaign is scheduled to start on November 16, at 2 pm, building 1, room 241. The students will hand over the collected paper and plastic waste to a local recycling company.


The 'Recycle It' organizers remind that the waste management issue remains to be universally applicable to all the humankind, with overconsumption resulting in excessive waste.  As of today, just as little as 5% of waste is meant for recycling, while over 90% of that being disposed of. This brings about natural resources to reduce, soil and ocean contamination, emerging of garbage patches, and ecosystems destruction. Let us join our efforts and make an effective contribution to solving this problem.

English version by Azat Garipov.

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