The 4th All-Russian Student Research Community and Design Bureau Contest 2018 brought together young engineers at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), Moscow.

Kirill Moskalenko and Kirill Sever, students of the YUSU Institute of Environmental Management and members of the Student Design Bureau (SDB) 'Energetic', represented Yugra State University at the event. The guys set to show SDB projects and shared information on its activities.

In the presentation, they focused on how Yugra State University establishes relations with schools via the bureau. The two told how an SDB-based robotics school club works, as well as featured platforms at the All-Russian Science Festival and Robot Fight Contest.

"We took part in a Student Design Bureau Section," Kirill Moskalenko said. "There were 13 teams participating within the section, and every presentation was unique. For instance, students from the city of Tomsk are engaged in developing a Videogaming Tactile Sensation Featured Costume, while those from Ufa showcased their Amorphous Iron Electric Motor Project. We are moving towards responsible use of power resources and advanced power-saving technology in households and industries."

In addition to the main contest events, the program also featured an educational section with a lecture on Earth remote sensing and digital economics. To cap it all, the attendees had a sight-seeing guided tour to Moscow and RUDN's most picturesque landmarks.

"We have gained great experience as participants of the nationwide contest, got familiar with other design bureaus, and learned a lot."

To note, the contest is meant for supporting and developing student research communities (SRC) among Russian higher educational institutions, facilitating efficient cooperation, engaging young people in academic, innovation, practice-oriented interaction, as well as searching for leaders to organize activities in SRCs and SDBs.

English version by Azat Garipov.