Yugra State University is the only university in Ugra to have employed radiology technology in its library services. The unique equipment was launched on September 1, the Knowledge Day. Director of the University's Scientific Library Irina Kuznetsova guided the guests along the renewed library halls and told about the innovated equipment.

– RFID (radio frequency ID) systems for library services automation provide effective support for all library processes. Marking the library stock with RFID-tags and using special RFID-readers allow us to manage book circulation within the library and quickly search for requested copies. Specific self-service facilities and library e-passes speed up the rendering of 
services to the readers, preventing book circulation check-in and check-out malfunction, – Irina Kuznetsova said.

Yugra State University Rector Tatiana Karminskaya became the very first owner of a new type of library pass, immediately capturing the advantage of checking-in books through the self-service facility.

It recognized the reader, then registered the books into an e-form and printed out a report on completed service.

Using radio frequency waves, the equipment can even scan and check-in stacked books put in it to save a good deal of time. Also, the equipment performs automatic check-out followed by clearing the library pass and prevents readers from unauthorized possession. When attempting to take out a book without checking it in, the anti-theft alarm and flashing red light go off.

Library passes are produced of special material with a 12-years life cycle, transferable to another reader if needed.

The equipment was purchased with support from Salym Petroleum Development N.V. YSU remains the only university in Ugra to employ this newest technology. These are the first signs of the transformation of the university's scientific library, with an already developed '21st Century Library' conceptual design yet to be implemented soon in YSU, region's leading educational institution.