On January 9-10, Budapest is hosting the 20th EDUCATIO International Education Expo.

The purpose of the event is to popularize Russian professional training and to attract both its compatriots abroad and foreign nationals to study in Russia, involving them in joint activities in popular science-featured domains of study programs offered by Russian universities.

At the HUNGEXPO expo center, Yugra State University is presenting its study programs to prospective Hungarian applicants. Tatiana Dyatlova, leader of the University's Finno-Ugric sector works at the YUSU booth.

– The main objectives of the exhibition are to promote the professional training programs we offer: engineering, technology; mathematics and natural sciences; humanities; as well as raising awareness about R&D in Russia among our compatriots abroad and foreign nationals; creating an active community of compatriots and foreign nationals interested in Russian science and professional education therein, - Tatyana Dyatlova comments.

The Training in Russia exhibition was organized by the Eureka Institute at the request of the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation.  Within the EDUCATIO International Education Expo, one can not only get acquainted with the advanced fields of the Russian higher education, but also participate in interesting lectures, laboratory work, and workshops for free, and take career guidance tests.

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