The UK-Russian field interdisciplinary course for early-career scientists ARCTIS2020 was opened in Khanty-Mansisyk on Monday, February 17.

The event is organized by Yugra State University in partnership with Kola Science Center RAS (Apatity, Murmansk region), Association of Polar Early-Career Scientists in Russia (APECS Russia), UK Polar Network, Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Geography, and British Embassy Moscow.

Richard Dewell, British Consul General in Yekaterinburg, and Tatyana Karminskaya, Rector of Yugra State University, addressed the young scientists with a welcoming speech. Tatyana Karminskaya noted the importance of international research and the participation of the youth in research projects of the future that feature Arctic studies too.

The Museum of Nature and Man hosted a meeting of the ARCTIS2020 participants and their mentors. British Antarctic Survey senior research fellow Peter Convey is the mentor of the Terrestrial Ecosystems discipline, the University of Bristol professor Martyn Tranter – Cryosphere discipline mentor, Director of the Institute of Sciences at the University of Tyumen Vitaliy Khoroshavin is mentoring the Hydrosphere discipline, Head of the Center of Northern Peoples at Yugra University Marina Glazova is in charge of the Human and Culture discipline, Lead research fellow of the Laboratory of Physics of Climate Systems at the Institute Of Monitoring Of Climatic And Ecological Systems SB RAS Egor Dyukarev leads the Atmosphere discipline.

The day one kick-started by presenting the course program and introducing the participants. Early-career scientists and postgraduate students will be given up to three minutes to present their research areas and ongoing work at home universities. The participants from the British side came from the University of Southampton, University of Durham, University of Leeds, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, Ulster University, University of Brighton, University of Warwick, Cardiff University, Bangor University, University of East Anglia and Imperial College London.

Tomorrow the scientists will be split into two groups, with group one to attend lectures at Yugra State University given by leading scientists from the UK and Russia. Group two will go to the Mukhrino Field Station for their snow cover research. The next day, the groups are set to swap over and split into smaller teams for project work in the field-specific areas: Hydrology, Cryosphere, Atmosphere, Terrestrial Ecosystems, and Social sciences and Culture.

Within the ARCTIS2020, a round table on Sustainable Development of Natural Ecosystems and Communities of the Arctic will be held with the participation of Ugric indigenous minorities and local authorities to specify areas of common interest and communication strategies for shared problems.

The course will complete on February 21 with thematic interdisciplinary project defense to be developed throughout the course with the mentors.