City Nature Challenge 2020
In late April, Khanty-Mansiysk will take part in the City Nature Challenge.

This event arose from a union of scientists and amateurs in the field of biodiversity, and is successful thanks to online resources for collecting large amounts of data. One of such popular platforms is iNaturalist ( Challenge was first held between US cities (since the platform was created in America). But last year, more than 10 countries took part in the action (about 35 thousand people from 159 cities).
The purpose of the event is to attract urban residents to collect data on biodiversity in the urban area. Challenge creates a wave that can ride and quickly penetrate the hearts of those who are not indifferent to urban nature. We must try to make the digital map of Khanty-Mansiysk biodiversity significantly different before and after the event. So we need as many people as possible learn about the iNaturalist platform and community!

Yugra State University, the Museum of Nature and Man, the Samarovsky Chugas Nature Park take part in organizing the challenge. The team of volunteers will participate in the preparation of announcements, videos, dissemination of information on the network and news media resources, and the issue of briefings on working on the iNaturalist platform. The work of biodiversity specialists (botanists, zoologists, mycologists, i.e. specialists in different groups) is also important, because the data collected must be reliably determined. Therefore, we are creating a team of researchers who will be ready to devote time to working on the platform for identification and consultation. These specialists will also participate in the preparation of an analytical report on the results of the action, which will show the qualitative contribution of the challenge held in Khanty-Mansiysk.

More information about the event can be found on the website of the portal on biodiversity of the North of Western Siberia ( Two news groups in social networks were also created: on VKontakte ( and on Facebook ( There is also a promotion board at the international level ( and at the national ( 2020-russia).

Everyone is welcome to join the action and make his/her contribution to the study of urban nature. To do this, you need:

1) register and start using the i Naturalist platform

2) become a more or less advanced user by familiarizing yourself with the basic instructions (information is available in groups on social networks)

3) during the challenge (April 24-27) take pictures and upload your observations to the platform

4) you can also join the team of volunteers and participate in the preparation of the event.

We wish success to the first challenge in Khanty-Mansiysk!