New strategic projects
Based on the results of 15 strategic sessions of 2019, in which the majority of YuSU staff took part, the key strategic guidelines of the university for the period until 2025 were formulated.

At the beginning of the year 2020 it is time to move on to concrete actions to achieve the strategic goals formulated by the university team. 

Just before starting period of a self-isolation regime in connection with the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), a Project Office was created in the Yugra State University.

The Strategic Committee (and this is the supreme governing body for the development of the university) considered the first project initiatives and concepts of first three strategic projects were approved:

• Creation of an interdisciplinary scientific consortium on the basis of the REC “Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change”, specializing in consulting on the assessment of ecosystem services and the introduction of technologies for the restoration of natural ecosystems in the North and the Arctic;

• integration of university branches and the university into the unified academic space, including the introduction of World Skills standards and NTI practices into the educational process of secondary vocational education programs;

• modernization of financial management, organizational structure and reputation of the university, including the introduction of a new (distributed) financial model, optimization of management and support services and processes, formation of a university position management system in national ratings.

During the self-isolation period, project team continue to develop remotely roadmaps for all three projects, which will be considered at the next meeting of the Strategic Committee. Immediately after approving, their implementation will be started.

The next step is the consideration of the second wave of strategic projects, including projects on work with talented youth, and the modular organization of the educational trajectory at the university.