National Technology Initiative at Yugra State University
Yugra State University joined the project of the National Technological Initiative (NTI). NTI is an association of business representatives and expert communities working together for the development of Russian promising technological markets and industries that can become the basis of the global economy, ”- explained Anna Brovina, Vice Rector for Youth Policy and External Relations. - In frame of education, the priority focus of the NTI is on the advanced training of talented researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs, in frame of science and technology, the program is aimed at creating a real scientific and technical reserve in the areas of NTI.

Cooperation involves the establishment of long-term bilateral ties aimed at realizing goals and objectives in the field of personalizing student learning, developing project-based learning, developing technological entrepreneurship competencies, upgrading higher education programs, forming teams implementing technology startups, through joint organization and implementation of design and educational intensives, aimed at involving students in solving real regional problems using technologies of the National Technology Initiative.

“Our university is ready to organize and develop educational training using the information systems of the University of 2035,” - says Anna Brovina. It will focus on the following NTI markets: EduNet, NeuroNet, TechNet and cover end-to-end technologies: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Production Technologies, New Materials, Sensorics and Robotics.