Panel discussion “Carbon regulation: conditions, opportunities, infrastructure”

Panel discussion “Carbon regulation: conditions, opportunities, infrastructure”

Panel discussion "Carbon regulation: conditions, opportunities, infrastructure" was held in Khanty-Mansiysk within the framework of the Yugra Industrial Investment Forum.

The Rector of the Yugra State University, Roman Kuchin, made a welcoming speech: "The climate agenda related to carbon regulation of economic sectors is the most relevant topic in the international community.

On 28 September, at the presidium of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation three main strategic directions were identified in the field of environmental development and climate change. They are primarily related to environmental and climate monitoring and forecasting.

The regions are actively involved in the federal agenda, implement programs for adaptation mitigation of climate change, and Yugra does not stand aside.

Mukhrino field station of Yugra State University  has been operating for many years, research on this topics is being carried out by our research team, and we have something to share!"

Within the event, a dialogue took place between the industrial and scientific communities.

The participants discussed the possibilities of reducing the carbon footprint for organizations, as well as shared their experience in the field of carbon regulation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Irina Akhmedova, associate Professor at the Higher School of Ecology of Yugra State University, noted that environmental problems are an important challenge for the modern world and show a lot about the climate agenda of the Russian Federation and its dynamics in general.

"In its current climate agenda, the Russian Federation focuses on measures to adapt to climate change, protect and restore forests, introduces measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and encourages the development of alternative renewable energy sources.

Having a huge and unique territory with large reserves of hydrocarbons and forest resources, Yugra is a full-fledged participant in the climate agenda."

The experts of the panel discussion spoke about the possibilities of paying off the carbon footprint of companies through forest projects, noting that all engineering decisions taken during the formation of new forest-climatic facilities are developed taking into account ecosystems and the possibility of their conservation. Among the key speakers were Michael Collins, Chief Executive Officer of Salym Petroleum Development N.V. (SPD) and Professor Terry Callaghan, Nobel laureate.