Youth bridge devoted to African Freedom Day

Youth bridge devoted to African Freedom Day

Regular teleconferences with Zambia have become a good tradition in Yugra State University. This time, the agenda was an important holiday for all residents of Africa – African Freedom Day, which is celebrated annually on May 25.

For the world community, this important date symbolizes the desire of African countries for unity in the interests of ensuring independent development, peace and prosperity on the continent.

Representatives of the Russian House in Lusaka invited the staff and students of Yugra State University to share this holiday with them and tell what patriotism means in both countries and how it is shown.

Oksana Gololobova, Director of the Center for International Cooperation, gave a presentation on the topic, telling about important memorable dates in Russia, its great people and symbols of patriotism.

Tionge Ziba, a citizen of Zambia and a student of Yugra State University, shared her experience of celebrating of May 9 and ideas about patriotism in Russia. The student notes: "In Russia, serious attention is paid to the patriotism, and, as a rule, it is closely associated with the victory of the country in the Great Patriotic War. For most Russians, the events of the war years serve as a reminder of the sacrifices and heroism of the people who stopped fascism." Tionge also urged future Zambian students to show interest in studying Russian culture and traditions of the Russian people before their arrival in Russia, as this contributes to adaptation to student life in Russia.

In turn, the attendees of the Russian House in Lusaka demonstrated national costumes. Harold Mabula told the story of the liberation of Africa and shared how patriotism is perceived by citizens of his country today, and folk dances and songs were a bright conclusion of the meeting.