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   Yugra State University is undergoing the process of internationalization of higher education in order to respond to the present-day challenges appropriately. The international activity is uprising in 2019, contributing to raising competitive ability and reputation of the university at the global level.

In 2019, Yugra State University continued active cooperation with such foreign partner organizations as:

- German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): 3 students completed a monthly German language course at a language school in Germany (3 of them got a DAAD grant).

- Scholarship Program of the Government of Hungary (Stipendium Hungaricum): 1 student hsve won a grant to study at universities in Hungary (during semester and whole academic year).

- International Association of Finno-Ugric Universities (Association): our University took an active part in the activities of the Association: V International Finno-Ugric Student Forum “The Wealth of Finno-Ugric Peoples”; The VII International Competition “Miss Student of Finno-Ugria - 2019”, and also acted as an organizer of some events: so the University became one of the venues for holding the Great Ethnographic Dictation - 2019, as well as the organizer of the 3rd Regional Scientific-Practical conference “New horizons of development and “A window of opportunity” for indigenous peoples of the North ”. In November 2018, the University received the chairmanship of the Association (for the next 3 years) from Petrozavodsk State University.

- The Pan-Eurasian Experiment Program (PEEX): the methane measurement sensor for the micrometeorological system for measuring vortex flows was installed by the Program staff (University of Helsinki, Finland) in International field station “Mukhrino” of the UNESCO Chair “Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change. Some important joint researches were conducted there.

- The International Network of Arctic Universities (UArctic). Within the framework of cooperation with UArctic, our University took part in programs organized by the leadership of UArctic and its members: North2North international mobility program: providing free training and internship opportunities in universities - members of the UArctic network (3 students have won a grant for study in Finland universities).

- Center for International Mobility CIMO: 1 student won a grant to study Finnish language and culture at a language school at the University of Turku (Finland). CIMO also donated textbooks of the Finnish language and working materials for a Finnish teacher.

- UNESCO: based on the results of the activity review of UNESCO Chair “Environment Dynamics and Global Climate Change”, in August 2018, UNESCO decided to extend the cooperation agreement with the University until 2021.

In 2018, the University signed 4 cooperation agreements with the following foreign partner universities: 

- Varna University of Management (Bulgaria);

-Helsinki University (Department of Finno-Urology and Scandinavian Languages) (Finland);

-Hungarian Cultural Center in Moscow (Hungary)


In the reporting period, the University took part in 10 external international events. On the basis of the University, 7 international events were held, in which more than 30 foreign students, scholars and officials took part.

The University continued the implementation of 2 international grant projects:

- International Erasmus + project “Institutional Partnership for Sustainable Transboundary Water Use: Russia and Kazakhstan” / TREASURE-WATER;

- International project Interact 2 "International Network for Land Research and Monitoring in the Arctic".

In 2019, 10 foreign delegations from India, Africa, Hungary, France, etc. visited the University on official visits.

The academic mobility of the University is characterized by the following: in 2019, 11 students of Yugra State University became participants in short-term mobility programs and internships abroad; 8 employees have completed overseas internships as part of Erasmus + and Interact 2 projects. As for incoming academic mobility: 12 foreign scientists from Finland, New Zealand, and the UK visited the University to conduct research at the Mukhrino international field station, 3 Hungarian arrived at YuSU as visiting professors; 1 student from a Czech partner university was trained during the fall semester of the 2019/2020 academic year.

Students, staff and faculty of the University have the opportunity to learn several foreign languages. The resource language center "Clever" teaches English, Korean, Chinese, Hungarian, Spanish, French, as well as provides monthly publications in the student magazine "Studio", news releases (TCH) in English, a weekly “Lingua-Cognita” rubric is conducted on the student radio “Zachet”; a special series of video clips “Be Smart” is released. In 2018, 3 foreign volunteers from the United States, Ecuador and France were invited to assist language teachers of the Center.

In 2019, 204 (159 - full-time, 45 part-time) foreign students - citizens of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Zambian , were studying at Yugra State University which is 10% higher as for the last year. 

In general, it is worth noting that students, teachers and employees of the University are actively involved in international activities. Due to the expansion of the geography of foreign partnerships, more and more students have the opportunity to undergo internships abroad, and scientists - to implement joint research and projects, which allows Yugra State University to use innovative educational tools and adhere to modern trends in the process of teaching and training of the qualified staff.


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