Exchange proprams

Dear international students,

We would like to encourage you to participate in student exchange program at Yugra State University.

Study in our University will give you remarkable experience to get to know the Russian high education system and will provide opportunity to know more about Russian culture and traditions. ​

If you decided to consider this possibility, you need to follow the instructions below.

How to become an exchange student at Yugra State University:

Student needs to address to the International Office of Home University to check out whether it has an academic exchange agreement with Yugra State University. Home University coordinator considers the student to be nominated on the exchange program in Yugra State University and contacts coordinator of Center for International Cooperation in Yugra State University. 

If you are a "free-mover" please, contact us directly.

Academic mobility coordinators:

Oksana Gololobova, 

Aleksandra Vorontsova,

Procedure of application for the programs of academic mobility

  1. Read all the requirements to apply the programs of academic mobility.
  2. Deadline for application

    (bachelor, master degree)

    Autumn term 2022- 15.05.2022

    Spring term 2023 - 15.10.2022


    1. At least one academic year is finished. Minimal requirements to GPA – 3,5.

    2. Knowledge of Russian language at the level not lower than TORFL-1/B-1.

    Documents needed

    1. Filled application form;

    2. Motivation letter in Russian (no more than 500 words);

    3. Certificate of knowledge of Russian language from your home university;

    4. Copy of a transcript of records;

    5. Copy of international passport;

    6. Photo 3*4 (2 pcs).

    Educational programs

    Annex 2


  3. Choose an educational program in accordance with the educational program in your home university . By the request, the university coordinator will provide you with the list of disciplines available in the chosen term.

  4. Prepare the documents for the application and send them to the university coordinator within the specified terms.

  5. After the nomination by your home university YuSU coordinator will prepare the documents for entrance into the Russian Federation and the following stay at YuSU during the period of your academic mobility.

Schedule for the academic year


Autumn term 2022

Spring term 2023

Estimated date for arrival




Adaptation week

Since 1st to 4th September


Since 25th to 30th January

Study period



Assessment period




Exams may be assigned earlier on the individual agreement with teachers.




Official holidays of Russia

1st September – Day of Knowledge

4th November – Day of National Unity

31st December – New Year’s Day


23rd February – Defender of the Fatherland Day

8th March – International Women Day

1st May – May Day

9th May – Victory Day

12th June – Russia Day

Academic information

Language of education


Required quantity of ECTS credits


No less than 20 ECTS credits

(1 credit – 36 academic hours)

Credit system


Assessment system

5 (Excellent)

4 (Good)

3 (Satisfactory)

2(Not satisfactory)

Passed/not passed

Student expenses in Russia (for a month)



US Dollars

Госпошлина за визу/ State fee for the issuance (extension) of a visa



Страховка (Полис ДМС)/

Medical Insurance (Voluntary health insurance (VHI))



Услуги почты для регистрации/Post office services for a registration



Проживание в общежитии/ On-campus housing



Мобильная связь/интернет / Cellular Communication, Internet




Транспортные расходы/ Transport

(for one ride)

Автобус/bus - 25

Маршрутное такси/ route taxi – 30

Такси/ taxi– 100-200

Автобус/bus - 0.35

Маршрутное такси/ route taxi – 0.42

Такси/ taxi– 1.4 – 2.81

Обед в студенческой столовой/Lunch in the cafeteria (one lunch)




(a student's monthly expenditure):



ATTENTION! The table gives only an approximate information on the expenses according to the course 1 USD = 71.2 rubles.