Science and Innovation
Scientific schools and areas
11 scientific schools are sucessfully functionning and developing at Yugra State University:
1. Scientific support of the effectiveness of the implementation of modern criminal law policy (scienific adviser - V. Avdeev ).
2. Yugra Scientific School of Regional Linguistic Studies (sientific adviser - S. Onina).
3. Mathematical modeling in solving problems in natural science and socio-economic sphere (sientific adviser - S. Pyatkov).
4. The Man and the North (sientific advisers - S. Gilmanov, V. Lobova).
5. Transboundary structures of the North (Arctic) (sientific adviser - N. Naumenko)
6. Evaluation of the effectiveness of introducing health-saving technologies into the regional environment of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra (sientific advisers - M.Stogov, N. Chernitsyna).
7. Effective development of law enforcement and human rights activities in the context of the specificity of the northern territories (sientific adviser - V. Anisimov).
8. Study of the transformation of the institutional environment of the resource-producing regions of the North in conditions of digitalization of the economy (sientific advisers - V. Islamutdinov, T. Grosheva).
9. Resource-saving technologies for the exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits (sientific advisers - S. Leontyev, S. Cheban).
10. Conceptual design and engineering of increasing efficiency in providing resources in the northern and Arctic regions (sientific advisers - Yu. Popkov, A. Melnikov).
Leading scientific schools:
11. Environmental dynamics and global climate change (sientific adviser - E. Lapshina).