Yugra State University Bulletin has being published since 2005. This is a scientific periodic journal that publishes articles on fundamental and applied fields comprising results of unpublished scientific researches conducted by a contributor (contributors).

Full-text versions of the journal are available on the Yugra State University web-site – Bulletin Section, and on the Scientific Library web-site at The journal is incorporated into the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). The RSCI’s impact-factor of the journal was 0,119 in 2014.

To publish a paper in the Yugra State University Bulletin one should submit a text of the paper in Russian or in English (if agreed) to the Editorial Board, corresponding with requirements mentioned below and an application ( containing information about the contributor (group of contributors). An editorial board has the right to refrain from admitting an article for consideration if it does not correspond with the journal format or the editorial portfolio is overloaded. All articles submitted for the editorial office are to be reviewed. Articles in the journal (including post-graduate students) are published on the non-profit basis. 

Journal focuses:

Issue №1. Social and Humanitarian sciences (History, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Psychology, Theory and Methodology of Education, Law).

Issue №2. Physics and Mathematics, Engineering sciences.

Issue №3. Natural sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Geography).

Issue №4. Economic sciences (Theoretic and Methodological aspects of Economic science, Economics, Management and Business administration, Investments, Accounting and Finance).

Publication frequency: 4 issues a year (quarterly).

Contacts: Irina Kuznetsova; Director, Scientific Library

Publishing requirements

«Yugra State University Bulletin» Academic Journal 

1. An original article with an application of the contributor (contributors) are to be submitted for the executive secretary of editorial board Aleksandr Seregin in electronic MS Word format to

2. The file with an article is to include the following:

  • UDC number of the article’s subject;

  • First, last and middle names of the contributor (contributors are to be separated by commas);

  • Title of the article (no capital letters are allowed);

  • Body text of the article (with pictures and tables if any are available);

  • Reference list (no references to unpublished articles are allowed).

3. Text format requirements:

a) Research article is to have a 10-15 pages limit (text and graphics);

b) A4 page layout, font Times New Roman, 14 font size, 1.5 interline spacing;

c) No hyphens are allowed in the text.

4. Formulae, value notations and numerical values

a) Formulae, value notations and numerical values are to be formatted in Microsoft Equation 3.0 or MathType,

b) If there are several formulae in a row, each is to be typed separately,

c) All notations used are to be defined by the end of the sentence in which they occur for the first time (definition for univocal notations that are universal for all spheres of sciences is optional);

d) Formulae, value notations and numerical values are regarded as parts of the sentence, thus they will conform to punctuation rules, they will include other words or punctuation marks inbetween (sign «⇒» cannot be a substitution);

e) No sentence is to begin with a formula.

5. Pictures and tables

a) Pictures and tables are to be presented in separate paragraphs as they are mentioned in the text,

b) Pictures and tables are not to split the sentence,

c) Pictures and tables are to have separate numeration,

d) Each picture and table is to have a caption,

e) Each picture or table is to have a reference in the article text,

 f) Picture or table is to follow the paragraph with their first reference.

6. Reference list is to contain the following data:

a) In print issues: last names and initials of contributors, title of a book or an article, city, publishing house, year. One can mention several separate pages or total number of pages if desired;

b) In electronic resources: title of an article in the Internet, active link, last access date for the active link.

7. An application filled in accordance with instructions ( bulletin-of-YuSU /doc/anketa.doc) is to be attached as a separate file and include the following data:

a) UDC number;

b) Title of the article;

c) Abstract of the article;

d) Key words;

e) Information about contributors (first, last and middle names, academic degree, position, work place, telephone number, email).

8. Failing to meet any of the abovementioned requirements is a reason to refuse publication.

Article with unfinished applications are not subject to publishing