Our campus

The premises of the university include:
- the academic block, where the separate buildings are connected with passages to avoid giong out in the street in the frosty or nasty weather,
- the canteen connected with the rest of the block with a passage,
- the library, also connected with all of the academic buildings,
- the dormitories for the students and staff (in the street with a prompting name, Studencheskaya, "the Students'" st.),
- the Health & Sports centre with a 50-metre swimming pool and gyms for different sports, also hosting our Volunteer centre,
- detached side chambers and facilities.

All our buildings are modern (built in 2001) and comply with the requirements of accessibility. There are lifts and rampants so that parents with prems and people in wheelchairs could reach freely use every room and facility.

Here are some pictures of the academic buildings.

IMG_20140528_170020.jpg  University_tower.jpg

IMG_20140601_164430.jpg  IMG_20140528_170044.jpg