82 YuSU students took part in “the Institute of Curators”

Curators are not born; they are made at the Institute! This year there were twice as many applicants to become the main assistants of the first-year students as last year. All in all organizers received applications from 150 students of YuSU. They not only answered questions, but also solved cases - told how they would behave in a certain situation. For example, candidates had to tell what they would do if one student in the group disturbed the meeting, did not react to his groupmates' requests and did not behave properly.

According to the results of the competitive selection process, 82 applicants were invited to “the Institute of Curators”. Of those who were selected, 10% were third-year students, 20 % were second-year students, and the majority - 70% - were current first-year students. 

"The very idea of curating is something I really like - getting to know new people who are going to the same institution you're going to. Moving on to the second year, I will remember well what questions I had in my first year and I will help with them," said Danil Lyakhov, a first-year student of the YuSU Higher Polytechnical School.

This year the educational program of YuSU Student Council and YuSU Molodyozhka took place in the newly opened Youth Projects Center of Khanty-Mansiysk. Students and organizers noted how enjoyable it was to work at the new venue.

"I am very impressed that the city and the region have such a wonderful platform for the creativity of young people. Thank you to the leadership of the center for hosting us. We are one of the largest universities in the region and we are ready not only to take, but also to give, ready to be useful for you. I wish the students productive work, the best of the best have gathered here today. This is one of the most important events, because future students need you, and we have to help them and be a support not only during the first year, but during the whole student life," Larisa Zhuravleva, YuSU Pro-Rector for youth policy and educational work, said to the future curators.

"It's a pleasure that the first meetings at the Youth Project Center are with the YuSU students who are creating youth policy for our city and the region in general. What distinguishes young people? Openness, trust, mobility. On Tuesday students-activists came to the Center for a tour, on Wednesday we had a phone call, on Friday we are already having an event here. That is how we should work in youth policy, trusting each other and quickly, because time is very fast. There are many possibilities for creation and development of youth projects, including grants. Here at the Center you can implement all your ideas," - said Alexander Lavrenov, Deputy Director of the Center for Youth Projects.

In the beginning, the participants went through the "Getting to Know You" module, where everyone had to tell one fact about himself or herself. Therefore, it turned out that some of the students play the violin, some have studied Chinese for several years, and some have never seen the movie "Twilight". The students also did team-building exercises, studied modules on Curator Identity and Personality Type, and created art objects.

"What I liked most of all from the modules was Leonid Subbotin's lecture on conflictology. It was not some boring information from a textbook, but real situations and knowledge applied in practice. For me, as a teacher-psychologist, this is an actual problem. The examples were very realistic," said Angelina Rodionova, a first-year student of the Higher School of the Humanities.

Senior curators of higher schools - Elizaveta Lyamina, Maxim Makarov, Aliya Khairislamova and Denis Lyzlov, assisted the participants of the program.

This Wednesday we will know which of the past students will become the first-year students’ curators. 70 people will be chosen from a pool of 82 participants. Our future first-year students, you will be safe because you will have the best curators!


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