A winter school on social and professional-psychological well-being of the individual was held at YuSU

The third winter school on social and professional-psychological well-being of the individual was held at Yugra State University.

School students, university students and graduates, as well as the academic staff of Higher School of Psychology and Pedagogy and Vice-Rectorate of YuSU participated.

The winter school began with a welcoming speech by YuSU Rector Roman Kuchin.
He noted that this event has already become a tradition: “It is delightful that every year the number of participants is increasing. Here we have school students and our students, as well as our graduates. I would like to wish everyone to learn new competencies, help each other! I hope you will have a great time, I hope you will have a great time, and most importantly, with as much benefit to you as possible.”

Head of the Center for Competency Evaluation Marina Timoshkina, for her part, noted the importance of the chosen topic of the event: “The relevance of the topic is that we are now living in the model of the SHIVA world, a deteriorating world. Therefore, it is extremely important in this situation to find a foundation for personal well-being, both professionally and personally. It is necessary to remain sustainable, to reduce your inner uneasiness. As part of the winter school, we actualize those directions that will help the students to achieve self-realization.”

The event proceeded with master classes and trainings, where participants discussed the formula for a successful career, gender stereotypes, how not to be shy in public, how to deal with their fears and in general how to comprehend themselves. Those who wished were also able to listen to a lecture on how to manage their finances and time wisely.

On a parallel stage was a presentation of competitive research papers by school and university students.

Svetlana Eprina, a fourth-year social work student, presented on “Social Care for Families Raising Children with ASD”. In her research, Svetlana studied statistics and analyzed foreign experience, as well as the experience of the Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities. In the process of her research, Svetlana concluded that the founding of centers for social adaptation, habilitation and development of children with ASD plays a very important role.

"Only the early start of comprehensive remedial work will help significantly mitigate the manifestation of many symptoms of ASD, socialize children in this category and integrate into society, as well as comprehensively help and support the families raising them," says the student.

Danila Emelyanov and Anton Voroshilov, second-year social work students, presented a project of founding a tabletop and board-role-playing games club in Khanty-Mansiysk.

"We have written a research paper in which we introduced a new method of conducting board and role-playing games for children with disabilities. We invented a specialized program for this purpose and now we are at the stage of practical implementation. As far as we know, there are no such clubs in the city, therefore, it may be interesting for Yugra residents and be valuable for them", - Danila Yemelyanov commented on.

Note that according to the evaluation of the jury, the places were won as follows:

1st place - Dmitry Morozov (UCOR)

2nd place - Ekaterina Golomolzina (HPP)

3rd place - Ksenia Postova and Kamilla Boygenova (HPP)

3rd place - Ulyana Dzyum and Suman Gaffarova (HPP)

3rd place - Parvina Anarkulova (HPP)

The special nominations: Svetlana Eprina, Anton Voroshilov, Danila Emelyanov and Daria Bakanova.

Among school students the first place was won by Varvara Timoshkina (Gymnasium No. 1), and Maria Ermakova (School No. 3).

Congratulations to the winners and nominees!


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