Access allowed: YuSU in Rostelecom's Wi-Fi zone

The Rostelecom company in KHMAO implemented one of the largest projects in the Ural region to connect institutions to the public Wi-Fi network. The telecom provider organized a communication channel and an authorization service using 75 wireless Internet access points in Yugra State University (YuSU).

Every day about 4,000 people visit this educational institution in Khanty-Mansiysk, including students, staff and guests of the university. First, Wi-Fi is intended for visitors to various events at the university site: studies, courses, and trainings.

Roman Kuchin, Rector of Yugra State University:

"Yugra State University has several online resources: a website, accounts in social networks and even video hosting. Wi-Fi-access points will allow us to have a better understanding of students' preferences and, accordingly, to be more attentive in forming the university's informational agenda, to launch new useful activities for the current audience and university entrants. At the same time, we can be sure of the quality of communication and data security.

The university technicians independently control the system functions: they monitor users' interests, view their Wi-Fi connection statistics, control the access speed and set the maximum amount of traffic used per person.

Dmitry Lukoshkov, Director of Khanty-Mansiysk branch of Rostelecom:

"Rostelecom has rich experience in organizing public Wi-Fi network. We annually implement a plan to equip public institutions, companies of any scale, and public recreation facilities with wireless internet access. For example, in 2022, we implemented an infrastructure project to connect free Wi-Fi in Langepas city park. I would like to point out that we use only proven national equipment adapted to the climatic conditions of Yugra to organize communications.”

Alexandra Iskhizova, director for work with corporate and state segments of Rostelecom in the Ural:

"Today our services are used by thousands of clients across the Ural. We know what a company of any size needs. For convenience, we have united all digital services of Rostelecom for business into one ecosystem. Our technical support and maintenance works 24/7".

From the functional point of view, Rostelecom can organize public Wi-Fi anywhere in the world and at various sites: from gas stations, car dealerships and public transport to stadiums, exhibition centers and IT parks.


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