Implementation of low-carbon policy in Yugra was discussed at YuSU

A strategic session on "Implementation of low-carbon policy in Yugra" was held at Yugra State University

The Governor of Yugra - Natalia Komarova greeted the participants of the event stressing the importance of public discussion of every stage of this project, as well as widening the circle of project participants.

As a reminder, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to 70% compared to 1990, under the condition of sustainable, balanced social and economic development of the country.

"We have unique natural conditions, wetlands with proper absorbing capacity characteristics of ecosystems. Very few regions have such a powerful "home" laboratory, and it is essential to use all opportunities we have!" - Natalia Vladimirovna.

The participants of the session discussed the main aspects of the implementation of low-carbon policy in Yugra, highlighting the points of progress that still need to be worked on.

The rector of Yugra State University - Roman Kuchin presented information on implementation of the project on establishment of the center to assess verification of carbon units and conditions for entry of subjects of economic activity into the system of greenhouse gas emissions quotas trading, noting that the project appeared 1.5 years ago, in order to consolidate the scientists' efforts.

In 2022 YuSU successfully joined the program of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia "Carbon polygons" and became a member of the federal scientific and technical program in the field of ecological development of the Russian Federation and climate change for 2021-2030. The first children's carbon polygon will be opened this year based on research complex in Shapsha. With the support of Yugra Government, the university joined the UNITY PARK project, which will enable to attract leading experts from Russia as well as from abroad.

"Thanks to interesting and promising projects implemented jointly with regional authorities and industrial partners, Yugra State University manages to attract young talented scientists. For the last two years, about 12 high-class researchers and professors from all over the country have come to us. This made it possible to start a master's program "Carbon Management in Conditions of Climate Change", which is studied by very motivated guys with a high level of expectations," - said Roman Kuchin.

During the session, participants discussed the necessity of raising public awareness about the progress of low-carbon policy in the region, as well as the possibility of monitoring emissions through observation from space.



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