«Meeting without ties»

On Russian Students’ Day, YuSU Vice-rectors and Rector held a «Meeting without ties» with student activists to summarize the results of the annual «Rector's Mail» campaign.

This year, for the first time, students had the opportunity not only to write their suggestions for improving our university, but also to ask questions.

"Today is a very important holiday for all students. The years we spend at the university are always warmly remembered. Studentship is a period when you make true friends and associates. You build your future trajectory of development as a specialist, a professional. I wish you all to take the best from the university, and we, university administration, in our turn will create all conditions for you to become good people and great professionals", - Roman Kuchin congratulated students.

YuSU students were very interested in the questions:

- How do you evaluate the activities of student Councils and the development of higher schools?

- How to become a rector of the university?

- Are there any plans to organize a space for the students, for example an assembly hall, where they could rehearse and hold events?

- Is it possible to organize a section where students can learn to play musical instruments?

- Is it possible to assist in the employment of active YuSU students, etc.?

The university management team did not leave any question unanswered.

As for the secret of success, Roman Kuchin said that it is actually simple: «You should always try to do your job as well as possible, not to give up initiatives and opportunities, to constantly develop and strive for something new. Everything is in your hands!»


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