Modernization of scientific equipment of the Mukhrino field station (carbon landfill) has been carried out

In 2022, a 40-meter tower was installed at the Mukhrino field station to monitor greenhouse gas flows and characteristics of the surface atmosphere over a mixed forest. A metal structure made of scaffolding 2x2 m in the upper part and 6x6 m at the base is fixed on a prefabricated metal foundation and held by a set of braces. The tower is equipped with light removable ladders and ceilings to provide comfortable access to equipment installed at a height. For mounting equipment, five levels of remote consoles of adjustable length up to 6 m are provided.

It is planned to install a station for monitoring the flow of greenhouse gases, heat and moisture by the method of turbulent pulsations at the top of the tower. Placement of a series of meteorological sensors (3D acoustic anemometers, solar and thermal radiation, radiation balance, air temperature and humidity, precipitation amounts) at five levels both above the forest canopy and inside the crown space. The system of profile measurements of carbon dioxide content will make it possible to estimate the accumulation of CO2 in the forest canopy. On the soil surface under the tower, sensors for temperature and soil moisture, heat flux into the soil, as well as an automatic chamber system of soil respiration will be installed to describe the complete energy and carbon balance of the studied ecosystem.

The results of monitoring the fluxes of greenhouse gases, water and energy will make it possible to characterize the features of the formation of the carbon budget in typical forest ecosystems of Western Siberia.


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