Students of YuSU are winners of the International Scientific Conference "Lomonosov - 2023".

Students of the Higher Ecological School of Yugra State University - Victoria Shanyova, Valeria Batrshina and Artem Kulik took part in the International scientific conference for students, graduate students and young scientists "Lomonosov - 2023".

Victoria Shanyova made a correspondence presentation on "Approach to determining the content of dissolved organic carbon in peat. In her work, the girl revealed two approaches to determine carbon in peat, determined how the concentration of dissolved carbon changes with the depth of its occurrence.

Valeria Batrshina reported on the dynamics of physical and chemical properties of peat oligotrophic soils at the conference. In her opinion, peat as a component of bogs is one of the main absorbers and keepers of carbon. It can be used to track any climatic changes in the past, to study its vegetation composition, to determine the content of elements and everything that made up the peat several thousand years ago.

Artem Kulik presented the topic "Seasonality of carbon dioxide fluxes from the upper bog". The purpose of his report was to study the dynamics of CO2 fluxes during the summer-autumn period in Mukhrino bog using automatic cameras for the year 2021.

According to the results of the conference Artem Kulik took second place and Victoria Shanyova took third place. The scientific adviser of the students was Evgeny Zarov, senior researcher of the Research Center "Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change".

Congratulations to our students on their high achievements!!!


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