Students of YuSU joined the All-Russian environmental campaign - subbotnik "Green Spring - 2023", held by the Municipal Administration of Khanty-Mansiysk.

The Student Council of YuSU organized the subbotnik.

The cleaning action took place on the territory of the student campus of YuSU.

Dozens of guys and girls who were not indifferent cleaned the campus from the garbage.

"Subbotniks allow you to show your responsibility and civic position. Such events help to understand that students are not just city residents, but also its active participants. Secondly, subbotniks help to develop team spirit and strengthen the community. Working together for the good of the community helps students get to know each other better, learn to work as a team and show leadership qualities," said Matvey Varnakov, Head of the Student Council of YuSU.

He also noted that such events help enhance the prestige of the university and strengthen its ties with urban communities: "Thus, subbotniks for students are not only an opportunity to help the city and society, but also a valuable experience for personal and professional development."

In total, more than 80 people took part in the environmental action. In terms of volume, about 3,000-3,300 liters of garbage were collected.

"We joined the action because it is important for the environment, our safety and comfort. By doing so, we save our environment. On the whole it is very interesting to work together and do something good together", - said Kristina Bekina, a 3rd year student of "Social Work" direction, the chairman of the Student Council of the Higher School of Psychology and Pedagogy of YuSU.


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