Summer molecular school in Yugra State University
Summer molecular school for young scientists “Barcoding for the study of protection and biodiversity of Yugra" started today. The Summer School activities will take place at two field stations of the university. One station is located in the village of Shapsha, not far from Khanty-Mansiysk city, and the second is the Mukhrino field station. The school program includes both field work and laboratory practice, as well as lectures.

“Students of universities where molecular genetic laboratories have been created or are being created often lack the first experience of immersion in scientific methods for identifying and analyzing biodiversity. Schools like ours can help scientists take the first step in this field. There are few similar courses in Russia, so our idea, I think, is very good!”, - commented Nina Filippova, head of Yugra State University Molecular Laboratory.

The Summer School activities will continue until July 29. During this period, students will form an understanding that the study of biodiversity at the modern level necessarily implies the use of molecular methods in solving a variety of problems, and will develop practical skills in laboratory work, data analysis, preparation and storage of species and molecular level data on open portals.

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