The young scientist of YuSu is the first in the okrug to be given a state housing certificate

The state housing certificate was given to Dmitry Korneev, candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor of Higher Oil School of YuSU. The scientist graduated from the School of Scientific Leadership.

“This is the first certificate in our okrug. Another relevant support measure that young scientists asked for is the northern salary supplement, which now counts from the first day of work in the autonomous okrug, regardless of experience in the Far North and equated areas. In the new strategy of Yugra development we focus on the creation of high-tech competence centers, which will create an incentive for young people to go into science, to do research work,” – said Elena Shumakova, Deputy Governor of Yugra.

"Today the technological progress of our country directly depends on the development of domestic science. That is why it is extremely important to develop effective measures to support young scientists, who are ready to promote science in Russia "here and now"! Yugra is an attractive, dynamically developing region that creates all conditions for self-realization. At the same time, the housing problem has been and remains one of the most essential for young families. Dmitry Sergeevich graduated from Yugra State University in 2012, and three years ago he returned to his native alma mater as a scientist. Support of young researchers will allow to consolidate scientific cadre, thus providing the future not only of the regional science, but also of the country's economy in general," - Roman Kuchin, Rector of YuSU.

The certificate allows receiving a social grant for the purchase of housing in Yugra financed by the federal budget. It became possible due to expansion of the category of young scientists in the state program "Providing citizens of the Russian Federation with affordable and comfortable housing and utilities". The message was delivered by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin according to the results of the joint meeting of the State Council and the Council of Science and Education.

Now Dmitry Korneev is implementing two grants from the Russian Science Foundation. The scientist's current project is based on his PhD thesis and deals with high-molecular-weight components of oil - asphaltenes. Another research is related to petrochemistry: this is the development of a rational method of utilization and recycling of oil waste.

"The aim of the research is to extract valuable raw materials from oil-containing waste, and to make the residue - sludge - eco-friendly,"- Dmitry Korneev said about his development.

In his research, the scientist uses the equipment of the YuSU Center for Collective Use. "We have an extensive chromatographic base, we have equipment for spectral analysis, an up-to-date particle size analyzer," - the associate professor of the Higher Oil School.

More than that, the first owner of the state housing certificate in the okrug has a young family - his wife (who also works at YuSU) and a child. It is worth noting that in order to receive a certificate under the state program, a young scientist has to work as a scientific or scientific-pedagogical employee for not less than five years and have a scientific degree of a candidate or doctor of sciences. In this case, the candidate of science must not be older than 35 years, and a doctor of science - not older than 40 years.


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